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About Us

Your Smart Home Partner

We at Qomra Company began our journey in 2020 and have provided our services to more than a hundred homes and companies around the United Arab Emirates.

We not only provide you with smart technology for your home, but we also provide you with a smart companion that turns your dreams into reality inside and outside your home.

We are here to be trusted partners in turning your home into a smart home

Smart Lighting Systems


We provide a professional smart home system in UAE which suits your needs and your life style.

High Quality

We only use a high quality brands so we can ensure that your needs are met.

Always Honest

Honesty in assisting, advice, and guidance

Why Choose Us?

Because we believe that the heart of smart technology is the devices and protocols used in the conversion. If the heart is fake and of poor quality, it can turn the smart technology that works for our convenience into hardship and a waste of time, effort, and money. Therefore, we were keen to choose and contract with the best and largest companies accredited in smart home technology. To provide you with high-quality service without any problems.

Major Projects

Our Mission

Raise awareness and educate the new generation about smart technology, and transform all buildings and homes into smart, companionable spaces for their owners who work day and night for their comfort and safety.

Our Vision

Give everyone the right to enjoy the unique advantages of smart technology, and create a new generation aware of the importance of technological development, the impact of smart technology on their lives, society, and the sustainability of the green environment.

Smart Garage Door