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Convert To A Smart Home And Discover A New Level Of

Say goodbye to your traditional home with manual control, weak security, and high energy consumption. Say hello to your dream home that fulfills all your wishes with just a voice command or touch from you, whether you're inside or outside. With a Qomra smart home, you wish and we happen

Smart Home

Get ready to explore a new world of intelligence and innovation in the world of smart homes

Let’s introduce you to Qomra, a leader in transforming homes into advanced smart environments. With deep experience and certified partnerships with the best automation systems, we are here to offer you an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Let’s take you on a tour to learn about so many of our distinctive services, how to achieve a smart lifestyle that meets your needs and elevates your quality of life to new heights, and how our expertise and dedicated team can transform your home into a smart, advanced home.

explore a new world of intelligence

Don’t miss the chance to explore the future of your smart home from Qomra

Book your appointment to visit and let us take you on an exciting tour to discover the new possibilities of your home.

Unlimited Options, Gives You Unlimited Flexibility

Unlimited Options

Smart Lighting Systems

Smart Camera System

Smart Sound System

Smart Home Benefits

Discover Our Services

Smart Lightning System

Transform your home ambience with our lightning control system. Set the perfect mode easily, Adjust brightness, color, and schedules with a touch.

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Smart Air Conditioner

Control your air conditioning remotely to ensure the ideal temperature awaits. Save energy and enjoy a personalized climate that suits your taste.

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Smart Curtains

Achieve privacy at a touch with our curtain and shutter control. Enhance your comfort and seclusion by easily controlling your window coverings.

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Smart Sound System

Experience audio like never before with our Sound System. whether you're enjoying your favorite music, watch movies or host gatherings.

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Smart Door System

Secure and monitor your home from anywhere and control access to it through the door control system, ensuring safety, security, and comfort for your loved ones.

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Smart Garage Door

Don’t let safety be a concern. Get the smart garage door system today and enjoy a safe and comfortable life. Get remote control and clear view of the door status from anywhere.

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Smart Camera System

Protect your home, loved ones, valuables, or office with Qumra security camera solutions. Monitor your home at any time, even if you are far away, and anywhere.

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Advanced Network Solutions

Get ready for the future with smart grid solutions that are key to ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of any technology-driven organization.

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Ready to make an amazing transformation in your home

Request a quote now and find out how Qamra can achieve a smarter and more advanced future for your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Smart Home?

Smart Home is the process of turning your home more convenient, where appliances and devices can be controlled  by using your mobile device from outside your home. All the devices in your smart home are connected and integrated with each other.

Yes, a smart home is worth it, it will save you money by reducing your bills through power saving and will give you full control of your home, not only this but will also improve your home security and safeness. You will find more information here.

There is no direct answer to this question because it depends on various items and aspects like if you are going to make it a wired or wireless smart home, what protocols you are going to use? how many devices you are going to install? and a lot of other questions.

We are experts in different types of the smart home services, and we will provide you with the best solution for your needs and what is suitable for your budget. Just Take the step and we will make your life easier. You can contact us to know more.

It depends on your preferences and your needs, Both are very good but everyone has their features, pros & cons, If you are looking for stability then you can go to wired, but if you are looking for flexibility and scalability then the wireless is best for you.